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[edit] Welcome to Toyota ECU Wiki

It's intended to be a dumping ground for information, files, software, links related Toyota ECUs. Feel free to add stuff. Uploading of files temporarily disabled due to recent more sophisticated spam attacks (Feb 2011). You can also email stuff that you think should be added to wiki

Wanted: Internal photos of Toyota ECUs. If you've got an ECU around please open it up and take a few photos of the circuit board. Use flash and macro mode. We need to see the markings on the chips. If some chips have stickers on, please take a second photo with the stickers off.

When contributing findings on instructions set, register mapping, etc please note the processor and software version, ie D151802-3490.

[edit] CPU Technical Info

Information on the D15180x processor inside many old Toyota ECUs including instruction set and memory map.

[edit] Software Tools

Toshi Disassembler

[edit] Interesting Operating Modes

OBD-1 Serial Interface

[edit] Model Specific Sections


3S-GTE ecu

3S-FE ecu

5VZ-FE ecu

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