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[edit] 3S-GTE gen 1

US ST165 OCT1987 to OCT1988 89661-20360

Chip list

  • D151801-6430 7433-1067 CPU 64pin
  • D151801-6470 Knock Sensor IC 42pin

Us-st165-3sgte fr.jpg Us-st165-3sgte bk.jpg

UK ST165 1989

Chip list

  • D151801-8590 7433-1127 CPU 64pin
  • D151801-6479 Knock Sensor IC 42pin


[edit] 3S-GTE gen 2

JDM ST185 1990 ECU

Chip list

  • D151802-4850 7433-1384 CPU 64pin
  • D151802-3100 Knock Sensor IC 42pin


ST185 1990 ECU (US?) with FCD added inside Chip list

  • D151802-4870 CPU 64pin


ST185CS (Any late-spec car has the secondary board) St185CS-3sgte.jpg

[edit] 3S-GE

1987 Celica ECU (89661-20320). Australian, twin cam Chip list:

  • D151801-8770 7463-0215 CPU 64pin

3S-GE 89661-20320.JPG

[edit] 4A-GZE

JDM suprechared mk1 MR2 ECU (89661-17110)

Chip list

  • D151801-3860 7463-0119 CPU 42pin
  • D151801-3930 Knock Sensor IC 42pin
  • TD6335
  • TC4050BP Hex buffer


[edit] 4E-FTE

Stock ECU 4e-fte.jpg

JAM modded ECU with daughter card from Toyota Starlet Glanza V

JamECU 4efte.jpg

Here's a closeup of the daughter card. The "missing" chip is mounted on the back of the board. Chip list

  • TEN 211923-4560 (probably the original processor)
  • TI 27C512 (standard EPROM, some claim that contents is encrypted)

JamECU 4efte daughter.jpg

[edit] 5VZ-FE

5vz-fe.jpg More info on 5VZ-FE_ecu

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