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This page shows binary code for each instruction. This instruction table is used by Toshi Disassembler. The table shows binary code (in hex) followed by the instruction it represents. First byte is the operation code. Depending on instruction the opcode is followed by zero, one, two or three arguments. In the table argument type and length is encoded. For example %16u represents a 16bit argument of type "u" (unsigned). Arguments that represent changes to the program counter(PC) are of type "a"(%7a), because the argument is added to the address of the next instruction, not current value of PC. For example "bra 0" is equivalent to "nop", not an infinite loop. Argument %1x is one bit and represents either x or y register when it's 0 or 1 respectively.

hex code opcode arguments
00 nop
01%16u jsr &0a
02 xch a, b
03%16u jmp &0a
04 shr d
05 di
06 shl d
07 ei
08 add a, b
09 sub a, b
0A%8u st x, $&0a
0B cmp a, b
0C add x, a
0D add y, a
0E add x, b
0F add y, b
10 shr a
11 shr b
12 shl a
13 shl b
14 rorc a
15 rorc b
16 rolc a
17 rolc b
18 shra a
19 shra b
1A ld a, [y]
1B ld d, [y]
1C inc x
1D inc y
1E dec x
1F dec y
20 shr x
21%1x%7u jsr &0a + &1a
22 shl x
23%1x%7u jmp &0a + &1a
24%1x%7u rorc &0a + &1a
25 clrv
26%1x%7u rolc &0a + &1a
27 setv
28%1x%7u shra &0a + &1a
29%1x%7u st s, &0a + &1a
2A%1x%7u st x, &0a + &1a
2B%1x%7u st y, &0a + &1a
2C mov x, s
2D inc s
2E mov s, x
2F dec s
30%8u shr $&0a
31%8u jsr $&0a
32%8u shl $&0a
33%8u%8u ld #&0a, $&1a
34%8u rorc $&0a
35%3d%5u%8a tbbs b.&0a, $&1a, &2a
36%8u rolc $&0a
37%3d%5u%8a tbbc b.&0a, $&1a, &2a
38%8u shra $&0a
39%8u st s, $&0a
3A%8u st x, $&0a
3B%8u st y, $&0a
3C mov x, d
3D mov y, d
3E mov d, x
3F mov d, y
40%8a bra &0a
41%8a brn &0a  ; branch never; used similar to CMP Instructions
42%8a bgt &0a
43%8a ble &0a
44%8a bcc &0a
45%8a bcs &0a
46%8a bne &0a
47%8a beq &0a
48%8a bvc &0a
49%8a bvs &0a
4A%8a bpz &0a
4B%8a bmi &0a
4C%8a bgea &0a
4D%8a blta &0a
4E%8a bgta &0a
4F%8a blea &0a
50 dec a
51 dec b
52 clr a
53 clr b
54 neg a
55 neg b
56 inc a
57 inc b
58 cmpz a
59 cmpz b
5A mov b, a
5B mov a, b
5C mov ocr, a
5D mov a, ocr
5E adj a
5F nmi
60%1x%7u dec &0a + &1a
61%8a bsr &0a
62%1x%7u clr &0a + &1a
63 ret
64%1x%7u neg &0a + &1a
65 clrc c
66%1x%7u inc &0a + &1a
67 setc c
68 push d
69 xch x, y
6A%1x%7u xch a, &0a + &1a
6B%1x%7u xch b, &0a + &1a
6C push a
6D push b
6E push x
6F push y
70%8u dec $&0a
71%3d%5u tbs bit&0a, $&1a
72%8u clr $&0a
73 reti
74%8u neg $&0a
75%3d%5u clrb bit&0a, $&1a
76%8u inc $&0a
77%3d%5u setb bit&0a, $&1a
78 pull d
79%16u cmp #&0a, $&1a
7A%8u xch a, $&0a
7B%8u xch b, $&0a
7C pull a
7D pull b
7E pull x
7F pull y
80%8u addc a, #&0a
81%8u mul a, #&0a
82 st a, [y]
83 wait
84%8u subc a, #&0a
85%8u div d, #&0a
86%16u ld d, #&0a
87%16u add d, #&0a
88%16u sub d, #&0a
89%16u cmp d, #&0a
8A st d, [y]
8B%16u ld s, #&0a
8C%16u cmp x, #&0a
8D%16u cmp y, #&0a
8E%16u ld x, #&0a
8F%16u ld y, #&0a
90%8u addc a, $&0a
91%8u mul a, $&0a
92%8u st a, $&0a
93%8u st b, $&0a
94%8u subc a, $&0a
95%8u div d, $&0a
96%8u ld d, $&0a
97%8u add d, $&0a
98%8u sub d, $&0a
99%8u cmp d, $&0a
9A%8u st d, $&0a
9B%8u ld s, $&0a
9C%8u cmp x, $&0a
9D%8u cmp y, $&0a
9E%8u ld x, $&0a
9F%8u ld y, $&0a
A0%1x%7u addc a, &0a + &1a
A1%1x%7u mul a, &0a + &1a
A2%1x%7u st a, &0a + &1a
A3%1x%7u st b, &0a + &1a
A4%1x%7u subc a, &0a + &1a
A5%1x%7u div d, &0a + &1a
A6%1x%7u ld d, &0a + &1a
A7%1x%7u add d, &0a + &1a
A8%1x%7u sub d, &0a + &1a
A9%1x%7u cmp d, &0a + &1a
AA%1x%7u st d, &0a + &1a
AB%1x%7u ld s, &0a + &1a
AC%1x%7u cmp x, &0a + &1a
AD%1x%7u cmp y, &0a + &1a
AE%1x%7u ld x, &0a + &1a
AF%1x%7u ld y, &0a + &1a
B0%16u addc a, &0a
B1%16u mul a, &0a
B2%16u st a, &0a
B3%16u st b, &0a
B4%16u subc a, &0a
B5%16u div d, &0a
B6%16u ld d, &0a
B7%16u add d, &0a
B8%16u sub d, &0a
B9%16u cmp d, &0a
BA%16u st d, &0a
BB%16u ld s, &0a
BC%16u cmp x, &0a
BD%16u cmp y, &0a
BE%16u ld x, &0a
BF%16u ld y, &0a
C0%8u add a, #&0a
C1%8u add b, #&0a
C2%8u and a, #&0a
C3%8u and b, #&0a
C4%8u sub a, #&0a
C5%8u sub b, #&0a
C6%8u or a, #&0a
C7%8u or b, #&0a
C8%8u xor a, #&0a
C9%8u xor b, #&0a
CA%8u ld a, #&0a
CB%8u ld b, #&0a
CC%8u cmp a, #&0a
CD%8u cmp b, #&0a
CE%8u cmpb a, #&0a
CF%8u cmpb b, #&0a
D0%8u add a, $&0a
D1%8u add b, $&0a
D2%8u and a, $&0a
D3%8u and b, $&0a
D4%8u sub a, $&0a
D5%8u sub b, $&0a
D6%8u or a, $&0a
D7%8u or b, $&0a
D8%8u xor a, $&0a
D9%8u xor b, $&0a
DA%8u ld a, $&0a
DB%8u ld b, $&0a
DC%8u cmp a, $&0a
DD%8u cmp b, $&0a
DE%8u cmpb a, $&0a
DF%8u cmpb b, $&0a
E0%1x%7u add a, &0a + &1a
E1%1x%7u add b, &0a + &1a
E2%1x%7u and a, &0a + &1a
E3%1x%7u and b, &0a + &1a
E4%1x%7u sub a, &0a + &1a
E5%1x%7u sub b, &0a + &1a
E6%1x%7u or a, &0a + &1a
E7%1x%7u or b, &0a + &1a
E8%1x%7u xor a, &0a + &1a
E9%1x%7u xor b, &0a + &1a
EA%1x%7u ld a, &0a + &1a
EB%1x%7u ld b, &0a + &1a
EC%1x%7u cmp a, &0a + &1a
ED%1x%7u cmp b, &0a + &1a
EE%1x%7u cmpb a, &0a + &1a
EF%1x%7u cmpb b, &0a + &1a
F0%16u add a, &0a
F1%16u add b, &0a
F2%16u and a, &0a
F3%16u and b, &0a
F4%16u sub a, &0a
F5%16u sub b, &0a
F6%16u or a, &0a
F7%16u or b, &0a
F8%16u xor a, &0a
F9%16u xor b, &0a
FA%16u ld a, &0a
FB%16u ld b, &0a
FC%16u cmp a, &0a
FD%16u cmp b, &0a
FE%16u cmpb a, &0a
FF%16u cmpb b, &0a
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