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[edit] 7M TCCS

The Toyota 7M straight six was the last generation M series engine used in the 87-92 Toyota Supra and Cressida. Lots more info on the history of the M series can be found here [1].

Two versions were offered, the N/A 7M-GE, and the turbocharged 7M-GTE using the CT-26 turbo.

The 7M uses Toyota's TCCS engine management system based around the Denso 151801-XXXX microprocessor.

To begin, we will study the simplest version of the 7M TCCS, the single-board 89661-14092 designed for the 7M-GE M/T from 87-88 The following photos show the internal layout of the ECU (note the processor has been removed in these photos).

7MG-MT top.jpg

The processor was removed and the internal ROM data read out using a circuit described by Kashi [http://kaele.com/~kashima/ ]. This data can be fed to the Toshi disassembler described elsewhere in this Wiki to extact the assembly code.

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